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I strive for excellence in every piece I make!

I'm sorry to say my house burned down wednesday 06-18-2014. I lost everything I had. I will be out of buiness for some months. Thank you for your buisness. I will remove this message when I can return.

Thank you all,


After realizing there isn't enough insurance to cover what I lost, I thought I might ask for donations to help replace some of my equipment. If you would care to, send me an email, and I will send you an invoice just like an order.

thanks again for your support,


Rob Pike's "RC Final Touch" is dedicated to the ‘Scale Aircraft’ modeler who wishes to have the best Cockpit Components and ‘Scale’ items in/on his/her beauty.

So far, the majority of my parts are for Jerry Bates' plans. I have been working very closely with Jerry for some time in order to accomplish this task. He has been wonderful to work with, and even enjoys some of my jokes. Jerry is one of the best designers I have come across in a long time, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Some of my parts will fit into and on other designers' aircraft as well. I do plan to make parts for most of the major players like: Nick Ziroli, Yellow aircraft, Don Smith, Vailly Aviation, and others.

I don't vacu-form any parts (sides, floors, seats, etc.).

My intention is to provide the major parts that are difficult to make, yet allow the modeler make the sides, floors, and plumbing. Some of us would rather buy the whole thing (kit) and just glue it in there. Not Me! And, not some others as well. I know it can be time consuming and difficult to make some of the details, but when it's finished it's worth it…isn’t it!

I use what I consider some of the best quality materials. I use Smooth-On resins, Silicones-inc silicones, and West Systems epoxy. I seem to always be wondering about some new material I can use for some other application.

I am constantly researching photos and documents to accurately reproduce items for our aircraft. I use only the best silicones, resins, and epoxies on the market for molds and castings.

I don't have gauge faces to offer at this time, I have a friend who is developing them (in color) from some actual photos. I plan to offer the correct gauges in the correct holes for the dash. For now, you can purchase ‘J-Tech’ and use them. As soon as they are completed, the gauge faces will be offered, and included in the dash kits.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Rob Pike